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Relentless Field Hockey Club is excited to offer indoor training from November to February this year.


We will host tryouts for indoor teams in each age division: U12, U14, U16, and U19.

Teams will have multiple weekly practices, compete in various tournaments, and ultimately train in pursuit of National Indoor Tournament qualification.

Tryout dates will be announced on Sept. 18, 2023.

Let us know you're interested in RFHC's indoor tournament with our interest form.

We will also continue to offer one weekly training session for athletes who are not interested in competing with a indoor team, but still want to develop their skills throughout the winter.


Indoor field hockey has the ability to elevate every athlete's game.

Because of the quick surface, indoor hockey pushes players to focus more on their technical skills and control of the ball and fortifies their athleticism and agility in smaller, high intensity game scenarios. 

This makes indoor a fantastic way to improve your technical skills as a field hockey player, while also maintaining your fitness, throughout the offseason.

2023-2024 Indoor Program

This indoor season we have two different team types and one training program based on participation numbers and interest level in each age group.


Registration is now open exclusively to athletes who attended a tryout and have been selected for a roster or training program. Please reach out to our team directly if your athlete is interested in participating but did not attend a tryout.


  • These teams train in preparation for the National Indoor Tournament (NIT).

  • This is our most intensive track.

  • Team size: 9-10 athletes

  • Practice: 2-3x per week, 2 hour sessions

  • Tournaments: 6-7 throughout the season

Development Teams

  • This team will train and compete throughout the indoor season in preparation for non-NIT tournaments.

  • Team size: 9-11 athletes

  • Practice: 1-2x per week, 1.5 hour sessions

  • Tournaments: 1-4 throughout the season

Academy Training Program

  • Academy refers to our non-travel training group.

  • Group size: age group dependent

  • Practice: age group dependnent

  • Tournaments: 0

  • This group will be focused primarily on skill development, making it an awesome entry point for athletes just looking to get started with offseason training.

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